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Prospace - Rebrand

- A case of missing identity -

Office Furniture and Design Centers' generic name ultimately led to a serious case of missing identity. Though it seemed everyone knew their people, no one could recall the company's name. This case of vacant brand distinction was so bad it even caused their good community service works to be credited to other businesses!

Solution: Brand Camp. Over 30 hours of team workshops and meetings teased out the unique characteristics of the company. Employees immersed themselves in defining the good-better-best qualities that made the company a leader in office space configurations and furnishings.

A dozen more hours with company leaders and the COBB design and copywriting teams resulted in a brand with distinction and a color palette with POP! The brand defining exercises also resulted in pages and pages of baseline messaging – the stuff we use to write websites, ads, brochures, etc.

Missing identity located. Brand distinction found. All's well in Gotham again.

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