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- Look down! -

We wondered what people must have thought as we pondering the existence of a street drain for the better part of an hour. Dan finally hopped out with his camera and that's the image you see in the background.

The 5-2-1 Drainage District has an ongoing mission to help the public understand that these drains are directly connected, without filtration, to one of our greatest treasures – the Colorado River. When rubbish and poisons are dumped carelessly through these grates it fouls our own water, and that of the natural habitat, which we all depend on for life.

By enlarging the drain signage, superimposing it over the grate, and inserting the real trout, we strategically create a direct connection between what people see on the street, and the live trout. That's called anchoring. We looked at over 400 fish images to find this one! A gritty, urban street vibe we incorporated into the graphics helps amplify the untenable nature of the infraction.

The campaign was deployed throughout the city on bus shelters.

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