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Mike the Headless Chicken - Social

- Are you serious? I find that very strange? No way! -

Mike the Headless Chicken, and his uncanny legacy as the quintessential chicken with his head cut off, is an epic cultural icon. To capitalize on his natural attraction, we launched a facebook page and Twitter account for Mike in May of 2009. He routinely pontificates on the great questions of life…. Which came first? How does he get across the road?

Mike routinely tweets out his festival, which draws thousands, and his quirky point of view. Most importantly, Mike extends his fame to his hometown, Fruita, Colorado, to promote tourism and economic development. The Mike facebook page pushes over 6000 referring links annually to the Fruita Tourism website and has nearly doubled its fan base in the last six months alone.

With over 7500 fans across the world, Mike is one of the most popular facebook pages in the state of Colorado. His carefully coiffed image results from routinely freshened content of equally odd stories, strange jokes, and off-the-wall urban. Mike loves his fans and his fans love him. Drop by the coop sometime soon won'tcha: Mike's Facebook Page

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