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Allen Unique Autos - Documentary Series

- In the fast lane with Tammy Allen -

Once Tammy Allen finally opened her dazzling and immaculate collection of rare cars to the public, the curiosity surrounding Tammy and her over the top lifestyle began to build. People were immediately fascinated with this newcomer to the collector car world, and it seemed like everyone wanted the details on how she decides which cars to purchase, where she gets them, and how much they cost. COBB knew the best way to give Tammy’s fans a real inside look at her car buying process would be to follow her and her crew on a buying trip to a Barrett-Jackson collector car auction. With a videographer, audio tech, and a producer in tow, Team Tammy headed to Scottsdale, Arizona for a solid week of cars, cars, and more cars. The film crew documented every moment and produced four mini documentaries chronicling Tammy’s wins, losses, and everything in between.



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