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West Slope Colorado Oil & Gas Association – Print Art

- Bulls, BBQ, and hot custom illustrations -

The West Slope Colorado Oil & Gas Association’s Bull Ride n’ BBQ event is one of their members’ most anticipated occasions, and this year COGA thought their guests deserved an artwork upgrade. COBB was asked to spruce up the event’s promotional poster, invitation, and thank you postcard – and the creative team couldn’t have been more excited. Powerful western Colorado iconography and cowboy-centric artwork has always been one of COBB’s favorite styles, so everyone was thrilled to have the privilege of producing a killer custom illustration full of luscious western details.

The piece started with a dynamic and compelling image by rodeo photographer John Hamilton, then we infused the design with rich textures and details from hand stamped leather saddles, tea stained parchment paper, and tattered canvas. Art nouveau typography treatments were inspired by intricate and romantic hand painted signs from the Old West, and the colors resemble a western Colorado sunset. Nearly 40 man-hours of art time, creative direction, and concept work went into the piece, and our team enjoyed every minute.

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