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When Shaw Construction was ready to showcase their work in a new website, we started with their greatest assets: a huge project portfolio highlighted with top-quality photography.

Their new site incorporates a number of highly customized components including photo galleries designed to maximize the photo size and create an elegant user experience, while also containing variable text length and multimedia upload options. Even the gallery itself allows for photo uploads of differing sizes. And when it comes to managing project categories, this site allows unlimited additions, deletions, and reshuffling. The News section adopts a blog-style design and functionality to lend the feeling of two-way engagement rather than one sided content posts. The site incorporates three locations, two-dozen divisions, and has numerous built in functions the company can utilize to keep prospects engaged and coming back for more.

Shaw Construction actually started their process with a brand and message assessment provided by COBB. Beginning with a survey, the company's key attributes and top client values were discerned. Those key words are sprinkled throughout the site’s content to create a tight connection with the visitor, and give them a tangible feel for the Shaw experience.

Working with our client partners who wrote the site’s superb content, a fully optimized, full tilt site is now working to tell the Shaw story, showcase their projects, and give their prospects a reason to pick up the phone.


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